California Medical Waste Disposal and Management

Health care facilities save 34% on average when choosing Eco Medical for their California medical waste disposal needs

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What Does Eco Medical as your Medical Waste Management Company look like?

Lower Prices

Switching to a more local service can save you up to 90% on your medical waste disposal bill.

Better Service

Readily available local service representatives, flexible pickup schedules, and an “on time or your pickup is free” guarantee.

No Hidden Fees

Your price is locked in for the term of our agreement. There are ZERO hidden fees, and your bill will never surprise you.

Considering a Switch?

Email us your manifest records and get an exact quote for your bill with Eco Medical


Medical Waste Services

Biomedical Waste Pickups

Medical Waste Disposal

Eco Medical offers a personalized medical waste management service tailored to your facilities needs. We will collect, transport, and dispose of your medical waste for proper treatment. We will provide you with a manifest for tracking and a certificate of destruction for your records. Pickups are available daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, on call, and more.

Supplies and Containers

Supplies and Containers

We offer a full line of disposal supplies including red bags, bio bins, and containers. We carry a variety of sizes of containers for every type of waste you generate. We have sharps containers, pharmaceutical containers, hazardous containers, chemotherapy containers, and we supply all of our clients with biohazard bins.

Healthcare Trainings

Healthcare Trainings

Compliance is our highest priority. We are here to ensure your staff is certified, safe, and compliant. We offer complete training for any certifications your team needs including Bloodborne Pathogens training, HIPAA training, and more.

Online portal

Convenience in Our Online Portal

Access your manifest details, certificates of destruction, training certificates, schedule pickups, pay invoices, and more all inside of our online portal.

Any Questions?


Every medical waste client deserves the best service possible

“Between both of our offices we’re saving about $1,000 a month... If we have questions we can talk to a local rep and not have to call an 800 number and talk to someone who doesn’t know us.”

Elesha Hernandez

Eureka Pediatrics - She saved $12,000 a year


The Story Behind Eco-Medical

As a senior in high school, Corey started a record management business that grew rapidly. Some of his medical clients had mentioned to him that their current medical waste disposal provider had terrible service, long-term contracts, and was constantly raising prices. Corey decided to start a company that offered better service and lower prices.


Eco Medical California Locations

We offer medical waste disposal and management in all of California. Eco Medical was founded in far Northern California and has rapidly expanded to cover the entirety of California.

California medical waste disposal

California Service Locations

We offer biohazard and medical waste disposal services throughout California, including:


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We offer medical waste disposal and management in all of California. Eco Medical was founded in far Northern California and has rapidly expanded to cover the entirety of California.


Where do you offer medical waste disposal pickups?

We offer medical waste disposal pickups in the entirety of California. We have over 1500 practices we serve and our pickup route covers every county in California.

What makes Eco Medical different?

Eco Medical is a local solution to California medical waste disposal. We focus on retaining ‘forever clients’ through lower prices, better service, and transparent agreements. When you call Eco Medical, it rings directly to a local service representative - no robots involved. 

With over 10 years of medical waste experience, we are experts on medical waste disposal in California. We follow all guidelines outlined by the California medical waste management act and have maintained a 100% compliance rating and 99% retention rate.

How much are biohazard waste pickups?

We are the most affordable medical waste solution in California. Some of our clients have been able to save upwards of 84% on their biohazard waste costs. Our typical call is less than 5 minutes - find out if we can do the same for you.

What industries do you serve?

We service all medical waste generators. Some of our clients include urgent care centers, blood banks, health centers, surgery centers, dental clinics, universities, and more.






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