About Eco Medical

Eco Medical offers a complete and local solution to medical waste disposal in California.

Eco Medical Waste

Over 10 Years of Medical Waste Disposal experience in California

Eco Medical was founded in 2013 to offer a local alternative to medical waste disposal in California. We now service over 1500 healthcare facilities throughout California and continue to grow by offering lower prices, better service, and transparent agreements.

Instead of locking our clients into long term medical waste agreements, we focus on providing the best service possible to retain our customers for life. With significant savings and accessible local service representatives, we retain 99% of our customers.

Eco Medical has maintained a 100% compliance rating since inception and is fully licensed with the California Department of Public Health (CDHP) to properly dispose of your medical waste.


Our Values

Better Service

No one wants to call with a robot. With Eco Medical, you will never have to.

When you call Eco Medical, it rings straight to us.

Lower Prices

Pay less for a better service.

Eco Medical can save you up to 90% on your medical waste disposal.

Transparent Agreements

Pay exactly what you are quoted with 0 surprises.

All of our costs are entirely built into our pickup price, so you know exactly what you are paying. Your quoted price is locked in and there are NO additional fees, surcharges, or taxes.


Since our creation in 2013, our team has maintained a 100% compliance rating. We are fully licensed, insured, and compliant with all state and federal waste handling regulations.

Environmentally Friendly

We utilize microwave technology when treating your medical waste. This means no harmful emissions or liquid discharges. We also shred medical waste in the process which reduces landfill waste by 80%.

Eco Medical Founder and CEO


Corey Fitze

As a senior in high school, Corey started a record management business that grew rapidly.

Some of his medical clients had mentioned to him that their current medical waste disposal provider had terrible service, long-term contracts, and was constantly raising prices.

Corey decided to start a company that pledged to fill a void in the market offering: better service, lower prices, and eco-friendly waste disposal. Starting in 2013 in Humboldt County, California with just a few practices serviced, Eco Medical has expanded all throughout California.

When Corey is not running his businesses, he competes in professional rodeo events around the western United States. He also volunteers at local 4-H and kids events, and has given inspirational speeches at local high schools on entrepreneurship.


1749 Alamar Way
Fortuna, CA 95540