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Why Choose Eco Medical?

Eco Medical Waste is a local solution to Los Angeles, CA medical waste disposal. Competitive pricing, better service, and 'headache free' medical waste services.

Since we only operate in California, our team understands the regulations found within the Medical Waste Management Act in depth and can help ensure you are following all of the proper guidelines for Los Angeles disposal.

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Choose local and reap the benefits:

Readily available local service representatives - When you call Eco Medical, it rings straight to our phone numbers. You will never have to press any buttons, wait on hold, or talk to someone who is located in another state and does not know you. You call us and you get us. It’s that simple.

Lower prices - Switching to a local service like Eco Medical can save you 34% or more on medical waste services.

No Hidden Fees - What you are quoted is what you will pay. Your price is locked in for the term of our agreement and there will never be any additional cost on your bill.

Experience - With 10 years of California medical waste handling experience, you can trust us with your waste collection and disposal.


What industries do you service?

We service medical waste for hospitals, health centers, dentists, urgent care clinics, and any other medical waste generator in need of medical waste disposal in Orange County and surrounding areas.

What areas do you service?

Do you supply medical waste containers?

We supply biohazard bins to all of the practices we serve. We also have an array of containers in a variety of sizes available for purchase including sharps containers, pharmaceutical waste containers, hazardous waste containers, and more.

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Receive your first date of service where you will get your medical waste containers and we will collect any biomedical waste generated.


Enjoy stress free pickups on a set schedule or convenient on call pickups depending on the solution you chose

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Los Angeles Medical Waste Regulations

California medical waste disposal is regulated by the California Department of Public Health, Medical Waste Management Program and federal regulations. Eco Medical operates in full compliance with the CDHP and Los Angeles County.

We understand the importance of compliance with the California Medical Waste Management Act. With regulations that differ depending on the classification of waste generated, it can be hard to keep up.

That’s where we come in.

We are California’s medical waste experts who understand the regulations around generating, handling, collecting, transporting, and disposing of medical waste.

We are happy to offer audits to any Los Angeles healthcare facility where we will perform a walkthrough of your facilities and ensure you are operating with compliance. We even perform waste audits where we can lower the amount of regulated medical waste your facility generates and lower the price you pay per medical waste pickup.

All biohazardous medical waste should be stored in a designated accumulation area which is secured and labeled with a biohazard warning sign legible from at least 25 feet in both English and Spanish as detailed in the MWMA.

Sharps waste disposal: Must go into a rigid and puncture proof sharps container. This container should be sealable and labeled clearly with ‘sharps waste” or with the word and symbol “BIOHAZARD.” Sharps containers should not be filled past the 3/4ths full line. Once full and completely sealed, these containers can be placed inside of your biohazard bin alongside your other biohazardous waste.

Biohazardous waste and pathological waste: Must go into a red bag (no more than 3 pounds) which is tied to prevent potential leakage and placed inside of an approved and lined biohazard container. In the state of California, pathology and biohazard waste should be segregated and their respective container should be properly labeled as “Pathology waste” or “BIOHAZARD” depending on the type of waste.

Pharmaceutical Waste: If non-hazardous, must go into a non hazardous pharmaceutical container which is labeled as “INCINERATION ONLY.” These containers should be secured to protect the contents from unauthorized users.

Los Angeles Medical Waste Resources

For home-generated sharps disposal in

Los Angeles

, you can take sharps containers to:

Los Angeles-Glendale S.A.F.E. Center

(800) 773-2489

4600 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Washington Blvd. S.A.F.E. Center

(800) 988-6942

2649 E. Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021

East Los Angeles Sheriff's Patrol Station

(323) 264-4151

5019 E Third St, Los Angeles 90022

For household medications in the Los Angeles area, you can take them to:


(213) 251-0179



(323) 685-5039


Servicing Los Angeles, CA:

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If you are looking for a trusted partner for medical waste disposal services in Los Angeles, contact us today to experience lower prices, better service, transparent service agreements, and a 'headache-free' solution to medical wastes.